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The Booker brothers, the favorite of the original middle class, are out of business. 41 presidents wear them. Why can't the top 100 brands?

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The original title: the Booker brothers, the favorite of the middle class, went out of business, and 41 presidents wore them. Why can't the top 100 brands stop?

Recently, fan saw a report that Brooks brothers, a 200 year old American clothing brand, also decided to apply to the court to close down its stores for a long time. Many consumers felt that they could not think about it.

The speaker of the Booker brothers said: in the past year, the company's board of directors, leadership team, financial and legal advisers were constantly evaluating various strategic options, including selling one-sided business, in order to make the company succeed in the future. However, during this period, the outbreak of the Xinguan epidemic caused great damage to the company's business and made great losses.

To be clear, this brand is very popular with middle-class Americans. There are many stores around the world. Not only that, the brand has selected clothes for more than 40 American presidents. If it was just because of the epidemic, it would not be so soon.

Today, master fan is here to take a look at the experts. What kind of brand is Booker brothers and why they are going out of business.

On April 7, 1818, Henry sands Brooks, 45, opened a clothing store named h.% 26amp; D.H. Brooks% 26amp; Co., at the junction of Catherine street and Cherry Street in Manhattan, New York.

In 1850, his three sons, Elisha, Daniel and John, inherited the business, renamed it the Booker brothers, and first used the iconic Golden Fleece goat logo.

Here's a cold lesson for the connoisseur: Ralph Lauren worked as a clerk in the bookers' New York store for a while when he was young.

The brothers

have a history of 202 years. The style of their family is mainly American gentlemen and business leisure. They sell many kinds of products, including men's and women's formal clothes, ordinary clothes, children's clothes and home furnishings. It can be said that they can cover all the outfits and household necessities of a family.

His family's single product is very popular with the middle class in the United States, and the price is also relatively good to approve. Basically, a formal shirt of his family can be started next to $100.

His family's dress was also praised. It not only used good materials and texture, but also had a specially strong tailoring type. It can meet the needs of people of all types. The price of a set of Hubei kuaishan Netease is about 1000 US dollars, and the cost performance ratio is especially high.


2, known as the presidential uniform, is also loved by celebrities

. Since the establishment of the brand in 1818, the Booker brothers have become the president's choice. His family is known to have selected clothes for 41 of the 45 presidents of the United States.


Lincoln is a loyal fan of the bookers. The bookers also selected a tailor for him. At Lincoln's second inauguration, they wore their double breasted dress coat. The coat was also embroidered with the pattern of an eagle and the motto \